Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ROBERT : I have been listening to us . . . .

I have been listening to us talk for some time now. Reading us, I suppose, is a better way to say it, though I read what we write you and I — Robert & Ben — and have no ink on my hands and wonder if I wrote or read anything at all. ( A conversation for another day, to be sure. )

I want to raise my hand in mid-conversation for just a moment.

I have been listening not just to you and I, good friend, but the folks who are kind and gracious enough to follow us and to read us, and then are thoughtful and generous enough to send us notes and comments about the things that we are writing here, about the conversation that we are having, about the conversation we hope to be participating in, about the conversation that is taking place all over Christendom these days. — the Conversation that the Spirit of the Holy One began long ago, and has now drawn us to continue.

We are headed to Kingdomtide, you and I, and so are all our friends, whether they keep the same calendar or not. And it seems right to me on this fine and sunny not-too-far-from-fall afternoon to raise my hand and say the words of the ancient prayer, words that encompass and encircle and encourage not only you and I, but David and Christi, and Joanne and Jim and Elaine, and Dave and Gail and Fran and John, and all the rest of us up and down this great long pew . . . .

You have made us one with Your saints, in heaven and in earth : Grant that in our earthly pilgrimage, we may always be surrounded by this fellowship of love and prayer, and know ourselves to be surrounded by their witness to Your power and mercy. Accept the prayer of Your people, we pray, and in Your great mercy, look with compassion on all who turn to You for help. Grant that we may find You and be found by You; that our divisions may cease; that we may be united in Your truth; and that we may walk together in love to bear witness to Your glory in the world.

We ask these things in the Name of the One Who made us, in the name of the One Who redeems us, and in the name of the One Who will sustain us until we are home, at home with You and with all Your saints. Amen.

It is a prayer of thanksgiving and of hope. Pray it and send it and believe it for and to and on behalf of someone you love, and those who have loved you. And be grateful for them all, as I am for you, good friend, and for all who take the time to listen to us, those who are named above, and those who are known only in the secrets of our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

GailNHB said...

Robert, Robert, Robert, thank you so much for raising your hand and lifting that prayer.

Both yesterday and today, on an airplane zipping across the sea (I am in Spain at the moment), I lifted your name during the prayers. In gratitude. In praise. In adoration, I prayed. And thanked God for you.

Here's to hope and thanksgiving and grace and love and friendship. It won't be long before the faith in this friendship becomes sight - just a few weeks to go. Yeah!

Fran said...

Thank you. I will be praying that prayer and will also share it with others who are like-minded.

l.b. said...



you'll find it here ...

robert benson and ben stroup said...


You are welcome. Thank you for visiting the blog and reading the things we write and for being in touch.

Namaste —

R. Benson

robert benson and ben stroup said...


Lovely to hear from you as always. I am happy to know that you are joining your prayer to ours. Sometimes I suspect that you are one of the 36, and even if you are not, I suspect that my prayers go higher because you are my friend, and a special friend of the One Who made us.

Namaste —

R. Benson

robert benson and ben stroup said...


If ever I can make a poet smile
or perhaps even whisper yes in response
then I have done as good a day's work
as I can possibly do
or have ever really hoped

Namaste —

R. Benson